Set your self worth. Chat with someone. Make money on your time

Self Worth

How much is your one minute worth?

Call & Chat

Chat with someone without giving your number
Rate the person

Make Money

Get paid for your time
Earn some crypto

Build a reputation not by the number of meaningless followers but instead by having meaningful interactions

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How to set your price

If you are planning to have casual conversations then keep yourself free or charge a low amount

If you plan to have meaningful conversations, then set a reasonable price on your time.
$1 to $5 per minute and 10 cents to 2 dollars per text message

If you plan to offer professional services then it is recommended to charge upto $20 a minute and $5 per text message

there is no limit to putting a price on your time if you are a celebrity or influencer.

Why Stellar Lumens

Stellar is made for moving small amounts of money around the world. Its network is perfect for what we are trying to build.

Fees & Refunds

What is AnyOne Moneta

Transfer XLM to AO wallet

You can transfer XLM from an external Stellar wallet.
If you do not have any XLM, please email us at

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